The Orange County Fire Authority Pipes & Drums

About the band

     Founded in 1997, The Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) Pipes and Drums, rose from a simple desire to honor the fallen

and continue the tradition.  Although a small band at the time, they were one of few fire department pipe bands on the West Coast prior to 9/11, which forever changed the landscape of the fire service, and the Nation.  Today, at 24 official members, The OCFA Pipes and Drums are one of the largest single fire department pipe bands west of The Mississippi.  The band is comprised entirely of firefighters and employees (current and retired) of The OCFA, and their union, IAFF Local 3631.

     "Onoir Do Na Marbh" is the Gaelic term for "honor the fallen", and was chosen as their mission statement.  At over 70 performances a year, the band has traveled all over the United States to honor not only their lost firefighters from The OCFA, but ALL the fallen heroes of fire, police, and military who have given their lives in the line of duty.

       But they do more than just play memorials...In 2012 the band began to branch out from ceremonial Highland bagpiping (when appropriate) and started letting their hair down so to speak.  They were able to accomplish this by incorporating non traditional instruments, arrangements, and attitude, as well as creating interactive, and festive performances.  The result, Scallywag Mutiny, the alter ego of the OCFA Pipes and Drums, was born.  


     The OCFA Pipes & Drums are a 501c3 charitable organization.  All donations, and monies from merchandise sales go directly to outfitting the band and providing them the support they need to travel the country, fulfilling their mission statement to honor the fallen.  Visit their online merchandise store ‚Äč by clicking on the merchandise tab at the top of this page or visit their Facebook pages @The Orange County Fire Authority Pipes and Drums or @Scallywag Mutiny